The Supernova Table Bonus System from TCSJOHNHUXLEY is proving to be a phenomenal success for some of the major casino groups in South Africa who have recognised the potential of this innovative system.
Supernova is a platform that offers a floor wide progressive and game bonusing system for use on all live table games. It adds higher levels of player excitement and loyalty using multi-level 'event based' and 'mystery prizes', giving casinos the option of linking their card tables and Roulette tables together, across local area networks; which generate dramatic prize pools and jackpots.

The advanced jackpot control engine allows features and options never previously seen in table gaming with total flexibility and operator control. It's this flexibility that has proved so popular with operators.
"Supernova is a truly flexible platform that allows operators total control," says John Whiskin TCSJOHNHUXLEY's Managing Director, Africa. "We are able to assist the Casinos with setting the contributions and tailoring the system to meet their specific requirements. This takes shape from the initial product demonstration, through to working out the maths and contributions to deciding which games to run and setting internal procedures. Operators love this involvement and really take ownership of the product, but we're there every step of the way providing a true partnership."

Supernova uniquely combines both mystery and event based jackpots to increase player appeal. Event based jackpots are awarded when a player is dealt a specified winning hand such as a royal flush. These prizes tend to be large but happen infrequently. Mystery jackpots are configured by the operator using a random number generator which reward players for simply participating in the game. The operator can control the size and frequency of the mystery jackpots. It's these options that are so appealing to both the player and the operator as they provide a 'quick pay' and one jackpot does not affect the other.

The highly flexible jackpot setup allows casinos to easily configure multiple event and mystery based Jackpot accounts, select contribution ratios, choose fixed or percentage payouts, allocate levels of authentication and re-seed jackpots with two levels of reserve.
"Upgrading to Supernova was the way to go," said Patrice Ha Yeung, Emperor's Palace Casino Deputy Table Manager. "Supernova was installed a few months back and is working well; the reporting part of it is much better than the previous one (we had) and there's less down time thanks to TCSJH. Foremost our guests love it as we have also included the mystery jackpot that pays a couple of times daily."
On a single table, the casino can run any combination of Event Based or Mystery Based Jackpots. Event Based Jackpots can include - Progressive Jackpots, Shared Jackpots or Co-Player Jackpots, which are common to most progressives, however the Mystery Jackpots are truly innovative and unique allowing the operator to create a virtually unlimited range of jackpot configurations. These can be Local Table Mystery, Linked Value Mystery, Game or Pit Mystery and All Table Mystery jackpot, for example.
It's important to point out that Supernova is a platform, not a game or side bet. Casinos can use their existing licensed games or create their own branded versions of popular card games such as blackjack and poker. Supernova is currently running at Monte Casino, Emerald Casino and Emperor's Palace Casino. All three properties have reported significant increase in play with Monte Casino alone reporting an additional 10,000 side bets wagered over a weekend. Monte Casino is currently running Chase the Ace and Raise 'Em Poker Xtra and will soon be including Supernova Roulette, bringing their total Supernova tables to 14;  Emerald Casino are currently running Jewel Jackpot on Blackjack and Casino Hold 'Em Poker, while Emperor's game mix is Blackjack Block Pro and Casino Hold em Poker.
Lesley Thoumi, Tables Manager and Dave Wild, Assistant Tables Manager at Monte Casino, were both equally enthused, "Supernova adds an exciting new dimension to tables games with a three level progressive bet giving our customers a chance to win over and above the normal odds. Since the introduction of Chase the Ace and Raise 'em Poker extra there has been incredible interest and excitement amongst our guests. The look and feel of the tables has given the casino a new ambiance with the progressive screen and tables signage really brightening up the floor. All tables have proven extremely popular and we await the rollout of the next addition to Supernova that being a Roulette Progressive bet with great anticipation."

supernova side
Dave Anthony, Tsogo Sun Gaming Manager has also experienced similar success. He comments, "Through using the Supernova platform we have enhanced a new brand of live gaming onto our existing Blackjack, Raise 'Em and Roulette games. Although in its infancy, the games have attracted considerable interest as we continue to introduce new facets of the platform."

Supernova is quick and simple to learn for dealing staff, with no complicated math or pay-out calculations required. An intuitive touch screen console allows easy dealer operation. The dealer console uses a 6.5 inch touch screen interface for clear and concise game event messaging, prompting and jackpot authentication.  It is mounted in a chip tray on card tables or freestanding for Roulette tables. Jackpots can be authenticated by PIN code or i-button for maximum security. The console can be easily configured for different jackpot setup.

To speed up launching of the system and ensure dealers and casino staff were totally comfortable with operations and procedures, some of the casinos had a pre-training table delivered prior to the installation. TCSJOHNHUXLEY provided these tables for off-gaming floor training so that staff were fully briefed before the 'go live' date – a very useful added benefit for the casino.

There is no doubt Supernova is attracting players, creating great excitement and increasing revenues. Tony Burger, Emerald Casino Table manager sums it up perfectly, "The Supernova progressive system is definitely a winner! The high definition graphics are superb and it attracts players to the tables. Our side bet revenues doubled after only three weeks! From a back of house perspective, the touch screen interface is easy to use, reporting capability has improved on previous systems, and the Supernova platform is stable. Based on the success of our card games, the next step is to add Roulette to the progressive stable."

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