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Guideline Hourly Rates Survey 
The Civil Justice Council's Costs Committee have launched their survey into guideline hourly rates. The participation of "every law firm in England and Wales" is encouraged to ensure that the evidence base is as comprehensive as possible. The survey is available for completion until 29 November.
Chair of the Committee, Mr Justice Foskett, has urged firms not to ignore the survey, speaking on Litigation Futures, he said....
"The objective is to create as accurate a picture as possible of salaries and hours charged (and amounts recovered) for all fee-earners, from trainees to senior partners nationwide....
"In a busy world it is always tempting to ignore a survey or questionnaire. However, we have tried very hard to keep the survey short and clear, with questions that can be answered by reference to a firm's most recent annual report and accounts together with its costs management system.
"My message to all firms engaged in litigation is that this is a real opportunity to contribute to an exercise designed to provide a reliable evidence base upon which to make our recommendations. Criticising the outcome will be somewhat hollow if the critic has not completed the survey.
"My final plea, therefore, to all litigation solicitors is this: don't ignore it."
Find the survey here.
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