For over 18 months, GFL Bonusing has proved extremely popular. With over 130 tables installed worldwide, casinos globally are benefitting from the new and flexible floor-wide progressive and game bonusing system. 

As the product has rolled out, two games in particular have demonstrated their exceptional match with GFL Bonusing. These two games, which were highlighted at the ICE 2015 show in February, are Raise 'Em Poker Plus and Power 8's. 

Raise 'Em Poker Plus 
Raise 'Em Poker Plus is an exciting side bet that leverages the unique abilities of our GFL Bonusing system. The base game's objective is to bet on the strength of ones own three-card hand in combination with the two community cards held by the Dealer.

As players participate in the GFL Bonusing enabled side bet, the top three jackpots increment – in Raise 'Em Poker Plus these jackpots are for a Straight Flush, Four Of A Kind and Full House. Once a jackpot is won, the prize pool then resets. If one jackpot is won, however, the other jackpots remain in play (do no reset) and continue to increment until they are also won. This is highly appealing as lower hands, such as a Full House, can end up being worth the most. 

Power 8's 
Power 8's is a progressive side bet offered for Baccarat, which can be played in addition to an initial wager on either Player or Banker, by placing a bet on the associated bet sensor. 

In Power 8's, players bet on the combination (suit) and frequency of 8's dealt, either as part of the initial 4-card deal or from the total of drawn cards representing a result in the main game. The three top progressive jackpots are shared equally between all those who placed a bet on the winning bet sensor.

GFL Bonusing Offers Flexibility 
With GFL Bonusing, operators can now create floor-wide jackpots across different game types to generate meaningful prize pools. Developed to increase appeal and excitement, casinos have the option to program event-based or mystery jackpots. By simply placing a chip on the animated bet sensors, players get involved in whichever unique jackpot the casino has decided to configure!

Event & Mystery Jackpots
Unlike any other side bet, GFL Bonusing uniquely offers both mystery and event-based jackpot options. Event-based jackpots are awarded when a player is dealt a specified winning hand (i.e. a royal flush). These prizes tend to be large but happen infrequently. Mystery jackpots are awarded using a random number generator (RNG), which rewards players for simple participating in the game. The operator can control the average value and frequency of the mystery jackpots. 

Highly Configurable
GFL Bonusing is very flexible. It allows casinos to configure multiple jackpots, select contribution ratios that enable casinos to set the hold of the side bet, choose fixed or percentage payouts, allocate levels of authentication and re-seed jackpots with two levels of reserve. TCSJOHNHUXLEY can provide pre-defined games that are in the public domain, third party games with an additional royalty, or help customers define their own games. 

Please note:
GFL Bonusing is available for sale in all gaming jurisdictions, subject to local gaming approvals. Contact your local sales office for details.

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