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primary care
November 2013
Offer cardiac rehabilitation "as soon as possible" to heart attack patients
People who have had a myocardial infarction (MI) should be offered cardiac rehabilitation as soon as possible to help them get back to everyday life as quickly as possible, says NICE. Updated guidance on the secondary prevention of MI stresses the importance of offering cardiac rehabilitation programmes to people who have had an MI and starting the programme within 10 days of their discharge from hospital.
Neuropathic pain guideline updated
NICE has updated its clinical guideline on neuropathic pain. The updated guideline covers key principles, and covers drugs which can be used and drugs which should not be used. Neuropathic pain can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life, is caused when there is damage to the central nervous system, and can be very challenging to treat. Examples of conditions that can cause neuropathic pain include stroke, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis.
NICE approves treatment for hep C in 300th technology appraisal
NICE has recommended the use of peginterferon alfa in combination with ribavirin to treat chronic hepatitis C in children and young people, in its 300th piece of technology appraisal guidance. The guidance says peginterferon alfa has long-term benefits that could potentially last for the lifetime of the child or young person, effectively providing a cure.
Call to use screening tests for alcohol disorders
Using NICE-recommended screening tests in primary care can help ensure people with alcohol-use disorders are identified and offered appropriate treatment, according to latest research. New research by University College London suggests that GPs are not using these tests leading to many cases of harmful or hazardous drinking being missed.
NHS urged to tackle antibiotic resistance
The NHS is being urged to tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance by cutting back on unnecessary use of the drugs. NICE's guidance on the prescribing of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections, an area where antibiotics are often over prescribed, states that a no-antibiotic, or delayed antibiotic strategy should be used to treat people with infections.
Into Practice
NICE seeks entries for 2014 Shared Learning Awards
NICE is calling on organisations that have used its guidance or quality standards to enter the 2014 NICE Shared Learning Awards. Read about recent entries such as a Behaviour and Family Support Team in London which used NICE's clinical guideline on autism, and the Association of Psychological Therapies which used our quality standard on depression in children and young people.
NICE needs you!
NICE is looking for GPs to join its guideline development group for its updated guideline on obesity.
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