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Another year over. The last Newsletter of 2013.  Its been a funny old year with magazines and trade shows disappearing and new ones arriving.  Also loosing a few faces and companies from the industry. Though overall things seem to be doing well despite the general economic gloom.
Technology troubles (1) Some of you may have had difficulty with our last newsletter. An experiment with an embedded video clip didn't work as well as I had hoped - sorry. The correct link, introducing Requirements Management tool, Visure, is now working.  
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Research endorses Requirements Management
VDC Research is a company active in analysing embedded technology. They recently published a report "Pinching Pennies on Requirements Management is Too Costly" The research it has carried out says that only 28% of embedded projects use a requirements management (RM) tool despite it being clear that, to quote the report, "Poorly designed or executed requirements are a top contributor to project delays and budget overruns."
See our Visure RM tool Click here which has been validated against 62508 and 26262 and others. For those who need more convincing see the video on moving from Word/Excel to a proper Requirements management system.
ope with change requests, and improved collaborative working.    Click the link here for the Video
ThunderBench  C/C++ Compiler and IDE
EmprogWe are continuing to extend our tool portfolio, adding products so that we can match your needs as precisely as possible. And if we haven't got the tight tool for you, we will advise you on what is available that can meet your needs.

Out latest signing is from EMPROG, a Silicon Valley-based company, and is ThunderBench, the most comprehensive and best integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any ARM Cortex device.
EMPROG says "Everything you need to complete an embedded C/C++ application such as compiler, assembler, linker, and debugger is packaged and included in one single installation. In addition to the benefit of a high quality tool and exceptional compiler technology, you get community support that no proprietary tools vendor can match."

ThunderBench is backed by ThunderCloud, a large web-based repository of ready-to-use BSPs for a wider range and newer ARM Cortex devices in the market. Click here for more information
I have been learning more about our latest new product, ThunderBench from EMPROG, and the more I learn, and the more I like it. It provides a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any ARM Cortex device and is an incredibly cost effective way to pull some of the links in a tool chain. For code analysis you can add Gimpel's PC lint to the mix and it is a very impressive package.
MISRA-C:2012 Compliance 
While we are talking about PC Lint, I want to remind you about the PC Lint to MISRA-C:2012 compliance matrix click here. This gives you a detailed understanding of which parts of the MISRA guidelines PC Lint can check. But blind adherence to MISRA guidelines can be seriously damaging to your project's health, read my thoughts on this link here.   
 Technology Troubles (2):  project control and estimation
As you probably know, the launch of the web site for U.S. residents to register for Obamacare was a disaster.
On December 17 Galorath (the company behind the SEER project planning, estimating and tracking product) has produced a magnificent infographic "Understanding's Rocky Rollout" 
This will be the base for a one hour webinar on December 17th (4:30pm London), jointly presented with Cast, specialists in software analysis and measurement. More information and registration HERE.
Google greets grace
On Monday (Dec 9th) Google's home page featured the formidable Admiral Grace Hopper, Mother of Cobol. There is an interesting piece in the Guardian on her life
She is (one of several) people credited with inventing the term "bug" for mistakes in computing. 
 Jack Ganssle, in a recent newsletter, pointed out that to cut hair in the State of Maryland you need to be certified, while to write the control programme for a nuclear reactor you need have no qualifications at all.
This generated a strong response in the next issue. As part of his brief summary, Jack noted "A number of you complained that most (there are exceptions) universities teach CS people programming, but not software engineering. Programming is just one of the many activities we do." I couldn't agree more.
Vehicle Electronics
Steve Rogerson, science fiction and beer guru has taken a leap into the dark by setting up Vehicle Electronics. It is a web site and a monthly electronics publication and you can sign up at
It is worth supporting this magazine as there Is a lack of informed, but independent, information out there. Due to the Editor it will also cover F1 as well. Take a look at the magazine web site though do remember it has not been official launched yet. First full issue is due  just after Christmas!
RTOS resource
Jim Cooling has written a new book, Real-time Operating Systems (The engineering of real-time embedded systems.) It has a lot of value for even an experienced real-time embedded systems developer as well as being excellent for a beginner. It is not "how to design an RTOS" - Jim says "leave that to the specialists."

Go to to learn more- and I understand that on Thursday 12th it will be available for free download. If you miss that it is incredible value at only £7.20
JudgeHoliday Regular readers know that I am a great believer in taking holidays, or at least a great person to advise other people to take holidays.
Please enjoy the Christmas break and Phaedrus systems hope that 2014 will bring you prosperity and enjoyment. One of the great things about working in the embedded space is that you meet so many people who get great pleasure out of their work
In the last newsletter I said : "In the next Newsletter I shall have a few comments on the Toyota court case in the USA and some of the reactions to it."  However this topic deserves more than just a quick skim so it will appear in the January newsletter. Besides it give me something to do over Christmas other than talk to the family  :-)
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