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Corrected  MISRA-C  document link
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Thanks to the many of you who alerted us to the broken link on the MISRA-C:2012 implementation and "blind adherence" document in the newsletter. We have corrected the link below.
Other Good News for MISRA-C:2012 is that there should be an Exemplar Suite available from the MISRA-C web site some time during the first quarter of 2014
NOTE for informal discussions of MISRA-C there is a MISRA-C & C++ group on Linked in.  This is a closed  group for technical people only. No sales/marketing or recruiters!
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MISRA-C:2012 Compliance and implementation documents.
I want to remind you about the PC Lint to MISRA-C:2012compliance matrix click here. This gives you a detailed understanding of which parts of the MISRA guidelines PC Lint can check.
However blind adherence to MISRA guidelines can be seriously damaging to your project's health, read my thoughts on this link here.
MISRA-C:2012  Deviation Prze
There will be an annual prize on the anniversary of the launch of MISRA-C:2012 for the best example of a deviation to MISRA C:2012 Directive 7.3.1 This Directive is "required" and so it may be deviated.
I want to see what deviations your company implements for this directive. The entries must be received by end of February (2014) It must also be in use on a live project. The winning entry will be published, so will anonymous ones, they just won't win a prize. email me at 
Holiday Regular readers know that I am a great believer in taking holidays, or at least a great person to advise other people to take holidays.
Please enjoy the Christmas break and Phaedrus Systems hopes that 2014 will bring you prosperity and enjoyment. One of the great things about working in the embedded space is that you meet so many people who get great pleasure out of their work.
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