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Welcome to a longer than usual edition of our newsletter.
There is a lot to talk about.  Partly due to 2 days at embedded world and some of the news and tools from that and the fact that a lot of things are announced at this time of year.
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Embedded world 2014
Embedded World
I am still amazed at how much information I picked up in two days of walking around embedded world.
There were over 850 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors, plus a further 1000 students on the last day. It was surely one of the most cost-effective two days I have spent.
I caught up with people who have changed jobs, some of whom gave me information about new tools, and I saw new tools from people who haven't changed company. Some of these may make their appearance here soon.
 I also learned about some of the things that are going on in different areas, like standards and other trends in the industry. At EW you get a chance to ask people behind the news to explain things first hand. There is always more information than makes it on the internet. Some will become apparent in the next month or two.
Segger Trace and DS-5
Segger is an old friend with new products. Simple-Trace is an API that allows developers of development tool chains to add trace data analysis, quickly and easily. In effect they pass the task over to J-Trace or to a J-Link. Email for information here.
J-linkSegger now provides J-Link support for the ARM DS-5 Development Studio. This provides not only high-speed download, but also has flash programming at close to maximum programming speed. More information here. Finally, Segger has developed a Modbus protocol stack. emModbus is able to interface to industrial devices using either an UART or over Ethernet.
MasterclassNational Electronics Week (Tuesday 8th April to Thursday 10th at the NEC), is not on the same scale as embedded world. And even within the show embedded is only a small area. However, alongside the exhibition is the latest incarnation of the Embedded Masterclass. We are speaking on Wednesday April 10th on The Pitfalls of Implementing MISRA.  click here for more information
Device Developers' Conference.
Device DeveloperThis is an early alert to mark your diary. The Device Developers' conference is a tightly focused set of talks, workshops and tutorial, with a small exhibition area where you can chat and see demos. The dates are
20th May- Bristol
22nd May- Cambridge
3rd June - Manchester (Cheadle)
5th June – Scotland (Uphall)
We will be exhibiting and talking on Lifting the Lid on The Development of Reliable Software as well as taking part in the workshop session, Getting to Grips with the new MISRA C:2012 Standard.Click here for more information
 A Video Cantata
CantataQA Systems have made a short video on their Cantata unit testing tool. Well worth checking out, even if you don't think you need such a tool, just click here to see more.
Linting Apple
You should by now have seen the story that a repeated goto (goto fail; as it happens) was in both Apple's iOS and OS X operating systems.  see story here
gimpelThis casts some interesting lights on the Apple software development process. PC Lint would have picked this up in a single pass. See PC-lint here
PRQACI dread to think what a more powerful static analyser like the IEC 61508 validated PR QAC would have picked up! Click here for info
And hasn't anyone at Apple read Edsger W.Dijkstra "Go To considered harmful"? The original, (Commun. ACM 11(1968), 3: 147–14) is behind a pay wall but it is reproduced here
Smart meters
HCC-Embedded If you working on the Smart Grid, then you should have a look at a new product from HCC. The SMFS (Smart Meter File System) has been defined by the needs of smart meters.

It is data focused, with a structured data base and reduces dramatically the read-writes to flash memory, improving speed, reducing power consumption and extending the overall system life. Email use for more information
MISRA-C:2012 Example suite
MISRA-C:2012 example suiteThere is now a MISRA-C:2012 EXAMPLE (not test) suite available on free download from the MISRA-C web site see

This suite is to illustrate the rules and give some positive and negative examples. These examples are by no means exhaustive. These few examples should NOT be used as a test suite.
summer streetsThat's all for now, but we have some new product announcements coming soon so when those are defined we will get back to you.
Also the weather has changed and with waters receding across the UK (look out for hose pipe bans) the spring might just be on the way. Life always seems a bit better after the winter gloom.
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