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2nd issue 2014
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Anti-Scale by Aqua Optima
- a water filter for steam appliances
The brand new Anti-Scale water filter by Aqua Optima is designed to remove limescale from water used in steam irons.
The build up of limescale in steam generators and other steam appliances has long been a problem for consumers, reducing the life of their appliance. Many appliances need replacing before the end of the warranty period resulting in high costs for all concerned.
The ion exchange resin in the Aqua Optima Anti-Scale water filter, removes 99% of limescale from tap water. A unique feature of this filter is that it is re-usable and never needs replacing thereby saving your customers money.
Dispensing the water is fast and easy from the patented dispenser.
This product can be supplied in Aqua Optima packaging or, subject to a minimum order, in private label branding.
To find out more please email Strix sales.
Anti-Scale by Aqua Optima
  • provides the cleanest water for ironing
  • extends appliance life
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