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We've just completed the four venue Device Developer's conference. All the venues, including the new session in Scotland, were well attended and we met many new and old friends. The event was well planned and managed and I don't think anyone who attended didn't learn something new, including us.
If you did not attend this year get on the mailing list for next year.  Click here for the 2015 DDC information. 
For those who did attend see of you can spot yourself in the DDC gallery
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Free Forth
MPE ForthForth is one of those languages that has some what unfairly dropped off many people's horizon. (Or perhaps it never appeared there.) We distribute the excellent family of Forth cross compilers from MPE as we believe that for many safety-critical applications (and applications that aren't safety-critical)
Forth has a lot of strengths, see But if you want to dip your toe in the Forth language, MPE has launched Forth-Lite.
The Froth Lite compilers  are free, run on Windows and are available for are available for ARM Cortex-Mx and MSP430 targets. More information at
Webinar on Embedded databases
McObject WebinarMcObject CEO, Steve Graves, is presenting a live webinar on "Always on" availability of embedded databases on June 25th. More information at
Linking around
We are using this edition of the Newsletter to share some links from around the web which we have found over the last few months.

If these trigger memories of interesting links, please send them in for us to share.
Coding skills
Given all the recent hype about teaching every school child to code, we thought this was far too close to home for comfort.  
In addition this revelation has landed on our desk: 
Linux creator Linus Torvalds: I do not believe everybody should learn to code  Which appears to counter the UK governments stance on teaching "coding" to children.
Programming sucks
codeAnd while we are on cynical views of programming try this as well
Whilst this is humorous and the author may be of unsound mind it does raise many valid and thought provoking points.
Getting things right
medical?This- however is far more helpful, although a lot less funny. Although it is about medical devices there is not a thing in it that wouldn't apply to any safety critical /high reliability system. Or any embedded system at all, for that matter.
British SummerIf you are reading this in the UK, you will be well aware it is summer, Thunderstorms and flood warnings interspersed with sunshine.
We will be having one more issue before the summer break. Our traditional philosophical "two weeks in the summer" newsletter designed to chill you out with some interesting stuff for the holidays.
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