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 conferencesWelcome back.
All round the Northern Hemisphere organisations and individuals are making the annual autumn restart.
It is also the season for Conferences and trade shows (see below). So welcome back and we look forward to an interesting autumn.
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Hail and Farewell 1
Rod Chapman A New Consultant Industry veteran Rod Chapman, whose roots were in Praxis, now called Altran has set up on his own.
Protean Code Ltd (link to site is providing senior-level consultancy in the engineering of critical computer software and systems, an area where Rod has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.
Hail and Farewell 2
Tony coomber farewellGoodbye to an old friend: Tony Coomber has been a part of the PRQA team for a long time, and a friend for even longer.
We said our professional goodbye to him at the Device Developer Conference, his last trade show before retirement.
 Dead Code
Dead codeWe came across an interesting blog entry on Dead Code.( ) It suggested that in any system there is code that was written for a variety of reasons but is no longer in use, but coders are frightened to remove it since they don't understand what it does.
What was particularly worrying was an acceptance by the blogger and the commentators that this was a normal state of affairs, that code existed without requirements or comments and even that there were not tools that could identify areas of code that were never exercised.
However even basic static analysers such as PC-Lint ( will highlight dead code so there is really no excuse for it to remain.
Bricklayers and Architects
architects and bricklayers An article in the Wall Street Journal was headlined Computer Programming Is a Trade; Let's Act Like It. Written by the founder of an on-line coding school, it argued that "Computer programming is now a trade that someone can develop a basic proficiency in within weeks or months…" It also said "… demanding that every programmer has a degree is like asking every bricklayer to have a background in architectural engineering."

I would agree that this is correct, if the bricklayer is given a set of plans to work to, drawn up by someone formally qualified who has a clear idea of what the problem is that needs solving.

However it seems to be that too often the coder is told the equivalent of "build a house". Perhaps we need someone who draws up the plan after analysing the issues- How about calling them Systems Analysts? Anyone remember Systems Analysts from the time when programs actually worked. Perhaps we should use a new term of Software Engineer for properly qualified people and programmer for the rest?

No other profession would accept less.
JScope Segger has introduced three new products to improve debugging:
J-Scope data visualisation software,
J-Link Real Time Terminal and a
beta release of the stand-alone Debugger software.
These products are for use with Segger's market-leading J-Link
family of debug probes.
 For more information Click here
Embedded Work Bench and QA•C (MDK-ARM to follow)
QAC-> IAR EWB We have produced an application note on how to link Programming Research's and IAR's Embedded Work Bench.
Setting up a link allows you to call QA•C easily and quickly. This allows frequent static analysis and MISRA checking (if you are working to MISRA guidelines) finding potential bugs early and reducing later testing and debugging.
We are also working on an integration between the Keil MDK and QA•C which will be available soon.
MISRA Matters (1)
Phaedsys app notesThe MISRA-C Guidelines are for anyone who wants to produce good solid code, not just the automotive industry. However the guidelines are just that - they are not tablets of stone. We have built on presentations to the Device Developers Conference to create a two part guide to the sensible use of MISRA-C. The first part, Why MISRA-C:2012 won't save your project, is a discussion of the strengths (and weaknesses) of building projects according to MISRA-C. The second, Implementing MISRA-C is a hands-on work book to adding MISRA-C to your project development methodology. Supporting those is a third volume Requirements are Required which looks at how creating and managing requirements contributes to successful projects.  see
MISRA Matters (2)
MISRA-C & C++ on LinkedinWe have established a new LinkedIn group on MISRA-C and C++. This is a closed group, for informal technical discussions on all things related to MISRA-C and C++. In the group lurk members of the MISRA C and C++ working groups, but there are no sales and marketing types, or recruiters, allowed in.
We are looking for feedback on MISRA-C to see if we need a Technical Corrigendum. Also the MISRA-C++ team have started on the next version and I am sure they would like feedback on MISRA-C++We look forward to seeing you there. click here to join
Events High Integrity Software
HIS2014High Integrity Software is a conference that is an absolute must for anyone working in the area. On October 23rd in Bristol.
As well as a host of good quality technical papers, it has a keynote by Martyn Thomas which on its own is almost certainly going to be worth the journey. We are exhibiting and chairing a session on MISRA: More information at
We are also presenting a short paper on MISRA-C at the Advanced Engineering show at the NEC in November.
Multi media and video demos
Phaedsys TVWe have just started the Phaedsys Channel on YouTube.

So far we have posted videos on Unit Testing and Requirements Management. Other material is in the pipeline. As with the newsletter some postings will be product based, while others will cover software engineering, professional matters and, of course, and MISRA based.  
We may also post videos of the conference presentations. Subscribe to the channel and you will get a notification of when we post a new one.
phaedsys giftsWell back to work.
It will soon be Christmas (yes Christmas items are in the shops!), so why not think about a gift-wrapped 61508 certified RTOS for a loved one?
We will have some more things of interest and maybe even some products for you to buy.
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