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 We are well and truly into autumn and the trade-show/conference season and we are doing several of each.
Then we have the flood of product announcements, we have some of those too.
Despite this constant but familiar change we also note the disappearance of a long standing name in the industry. However things will continue in this fast changing yet constant industry. As much as things change they remain the same.  
PhaedruS SystemS
 Micrium rave
Micrium IoTWe regularly talk about new products from our principals and even more frequently quote Jack Ganssle.
This time we are going to kill two birds with one stone. In his latest newsletter, Jack wrote "At ARM TechCon last week Micrium demonstrated the latest version of their uC/Probe that monitors firmware in real time. Wow! I've used it in the past with great success, but the new version offers many new features and a stunning UI."
Micrium SpectrumMicrium has also launched Micrium Spectrum, which they describe as "a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks, and cloud services to facilitate development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices." click for more information on Spectrum!
 Nohau UK Ltd
NohauWe have just learned that Nohau UK has gone into liquidation. It is always sad when what was once a well respected company disappears, but there is good news if you are interested in the Nohau Emulators, we are able to sell you one, as well as providing other  tools Nohau UK distributed.
Nohau ICEWe have already supplied several customers with Nohau ICE.
We should point out that the original company, Nohau Solutions AB, still flourishes in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.
 Social media
Seer Blog LinkedIn provides a lot of good stuff. If you are interested in good project control (and if you aren't - you should be) you might want to take a look at the SEER User group at
Dan Galorath, the man behind the SEER estimating and project management tools is the source of a great deal of common sense and his postings are well worth reading.
Security for the IoT
IoT WebThe Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest hype generators today. If you are lucky enough to have missed out on the tsunami of hype the IoT is the coverall name for all the different devices that will be connected though TCP/IP and have an address. This could include the famous Internet toaster, but certainly will include domestic heating controls and industrial networks, even your smart meter.
A new report has said that the emerging standards for the Internet of Things are failing miserably in not considering security. The concern of the authors of the report, from Beecham Research, is that while a number of bodies are looking at CyberSecurity generally, the architects developing devices and systems are generally ignoring the issue and this could have dire consequences. This is just another example of systems that are not being programmed by engineers who are considering all aspects of their project.
 Segger Announcements
Segger  Segger has rolled out some more announcements recently. The first is that emboss now has a function that matches timing functions to the system tick, typically 1 msec or less. This provides a way to use accurate timing in debugging and other activities.
If you don't need this level of accuracy, but are seeking even lower power, emboss now has a tickless low power option – so when a processor drops into sleep mode it is not woken on a regular system tick. Tickless mode provides a variable length sleep tick, saving battery power. Link to Segger Software
 Forthcoming events (1)
 To remind you – the High Integrity Software 2014 Conference is on 23rd October in Bristol. It's a great programme and we are chairing a session on MISRA as well as having a booth.
 Forthcoming events (2)
Advanced Engineering Advanced Engineering 2014 is in November (11-12) at the NEC. We are talking on MISRA-C (11th November  at 10:00 in Forum 5)
Programming Research and QA Systems are going to be present in the Automotive Electronics area. More information at:
Well that is it for this newsletter. What about Shellshock you may ask?
For MAC and UNIX users it has come and gone. Apple did a patch and the other UNIX suppliers have as well.
PinguHowever for Linux which is multi sourced and has no organised patch system like Apple or Microsoft, some have and some have not been patched. For some distributions no patch may have been issued…. So "it depends" and will do for some time to come.
Commercial support is like insurance, a waste of money until you need it. Then, when you need it, it is worth every penny. Something to think about for the next threat….   or the current one if you use Linux.
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