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We have been quite busy of late so there is a packed newsletter. The time has flown by and this was brought home with a bang a yesterday. I was arranging a meeting with a supplier and trying to sort out dates when the comment was made "We could leave it until next year, it's only 6 weeks away! Then I got the email from Device Developer with the dates and venues for 2015!  Then a request for a meeting at EW 15...  Where did the year go?
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Vehicle electronics
VEhicle ElectronicsWell known journalist Steve Rogerson's web magazine, Vehicle Electronics, usually provides interesting things to read. In the November issue Fergus Bolger talks about the effects of MISRA C on the software development process (p27) and Barry Lock argues that managers are still only paying lip-service to ensuring software quality in safety critical systems.
Now it is not just coincidence that these are both from companies that we represent (Fergus from Programming Research and Barry from Lauterbach). We choose to work with companies who are not paying lip service to safety critical but who are completely committed, and take the extra steps needed to provide you with the tools that you can trust for your project.
µTrace for Cortex-M
Lauterbach MTrace fopr CortexIf you are working with an ARM Cortex-M based device, than you should be using the µTrace debug and trace tool from Lauterbach. It supports a wide range of debugging approaches, including ARM's Instrument Trace Macrocell and the Embedded Trace Macrocell.
Like all Lauterbach emulators it comes with the extremely powerful Trace 32 front end. The Trace 32 can be fully automated using scripts and interfaced to many other tools.
Choice and expert advice
EmulatorsWith the µTrace we are now THE place to go for emulation and debug technology. We have In Circuit Emulators (ICE) and debuggers from Lauterbach, Nohau and Segger so that we can match the technology to your requirements.
No one else in the UK has such a range of debug technology.
Please forgive this product heavy section of the newsletter, but we are really excited: in just a few weeks we have added tools from Nohau, IXXAT and Lauterbach to the portfolio. Enough of us, on to other things.
Compromised cars
compramised carsA BBC Watchdog programme ( - available until 30th November in UK- not certain if you can read it from outside the UK) looked at cloning NFC entrance and ignition keys. Their understanding of car electronics could do with some serious review, but the programme shows that, yet again developers haven't thought through the issues completely when introducing new technologies.
On Screen Legibility
fontsOne thing that is not often considered when developing screens for interfaces is the legibility of the typeface.
Monotype has worked with MIT on researching how the choice of typeface has an impact on how quickly a driver, glancing at a screen, can gather information. You can download the whitepaper from here   
These papers are essential reading for anyone using emWIn..
Engineering Vs. Recurring Costs
TEMJack Ganssle's latest Embedded Muse has a discussion trying to bring some sense to the debate on what is the real cost of buying a stack or an RTOS. Have a look at to learn more about the trade offs between NRE and COGS.
This is essential reading for anyone who is thinking of writing their won RTOS, comms stack or graphics. Especially if you are thinking of venturing in to USB
Video Star?
HIS2014 VideoI know we said "enough about us" but we were video interviewed at the High Integrity Software conference last month.
What we didn't expect was to be used as the link in the final video for the programme. You can see the result on our home page    Altran and AdaCore, the organisers, had pulled together a very good conference with some challenging papers. There are plans to repeat it perhaps in two years time.
NurembergThat's all for now. We are beginning to work on our programme of activities for next year. We do know that we will be at embedded world in Nuremberg in February ("4th-26th) As a source of new information and for catching up on all things embedded it is invaluable. It is a pity there is nothing like it in the UK. 
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