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Welcome to the latest edition of ITS NEWS, which summarises a selection of recent activities from across the Institute.


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Smith M., Mole C.D., Kountouriotis G.K., Chisholm C., Bhakta B. & Wilkie R.M. (in press) Driving with homonymous visual field loss: does visual search performance predict hazard detection? To appear in the 'Driving and Community Mobility' special issue of the British Journal of Occupational Therapy. ISSN 0308-0226.

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Chandra Balijepalli visited Indonesia to deliver guest lectures to students at the University of Gadja Mada (UGM) as part of the UGM-ITS collaborative provision. He also visited the University of Indonesia plus the School of Land Transportation, and presented his recent research on vulnerability of transport networks to officials at the Ministry of Transport.

Oliver Carsten appeared before the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to give evidence to the 'Motoring of the future' inquiry. The session focused on the implications of technological developments, particularly for road safety. Listen here. Oliver also presented on Intelligent Speed Adaptation at an (ETSC) event hosted at the European Parliament.

Susan Grant-Muller was an invited panellist at a Big Data & Governance event organised by the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, and has been invited to present her work on Big Data and Social Media at a Transport Statistics User Group (TSUG) seminar, hosted by Transport for London.

Samantha Jamson presented on Vehicle safety technologies - the human behind the wheel at a Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety conference on driverless vehicles. She will also be representing the ecoDriver project at Transportation Research Board (TRB) 94th Annual Meeting.

Ronghui Liu is leading the ITS stream of the DITTO research project - Developing Integrated Tools To Optimise Railway Systems. Funded by Rail Safety & Standards Board, the project is recruiting a Research Fellow in Rail Simulation and Optimisation Modelling.

Karen Lucas presented the early findings from the Merseyside Travel Poverty Study as part of the ITLS Sydney leadership series. She also presented at the International Survey Methods Conference (ISCTSC), co-ordinating three workshops on the theme of 'Measuring attitudes and qualitative methods' and presenting a poster.

Peter Mackie and Chris Nash gave evidence in person to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee inquiry into the economic case for HS2. Alongside representatives from the rail sector, Peter and Chris were quizzed by the panel of peers, including the Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson, formerly Chancellor of the Exchequer. Watch the respective evidence sessions here and here.

Greg Marsden took part in a live web-chat on sustainable transport, as part of The Guardian's Public Leaders Network (view discussion). He also appeared on BBC Radio, commenting on congestion mitigation in the City of York.

Giulio Mattioli is welcomed to ITS as a new Research Fellow. Giulio joins from the University of Aberdeen, has research interests in car dependence, poverty and social inclusion, and will be working on the DEMAND End User Energy Demand Reduction Centre with Greg Marsden and Karen Lucas. 

Natasha Merat has been invited by the European Commission to organise a high level EU-US symposium on Vehicle and Road Automation, in April 2015. As well as inviting 21 experts in the area from both sides, the work involves preparing a white paper to be used for the next round of funding in this area by the Commission.

James Tate's new projects include leading the ITS contribution to DEFRA funded research - Exploring and appraising proposed measures to tackle air quality. James also led a delegation of Leeds researchers to the International Transport and Air Pollution Conference (TAP2014).

Anna Vickers started her part-time secondment from Arup, facilitated by the Transport Systems Hub, by presenting her work with Zia Wadud on the microsimulation of autonomous vehicles to colleagues in the Spatial Modelling & Dynamics Group.

Judith Wang, together with Chandra Balijepalli and Faculty colleagues have secured initial funding for the RUSSELL project - Resilient Urban Systems: Optimising land-use with multiple objectives. The project will address the dynamic relationships between built infrastructure, natural environments and communities. Activities will include stakeholder workshops and developing an interactive model prototype.

Presentations given during the ITS research seminar series includes those on Traffic Forecasts (Gerard de Jong), Rail Franchising (Tony Fowkes), Disabled Access (Kasia Speakman), and Green Logistics (Tony Whiteing).


Erwin Boer
visited the Safety & Technology group during October, contributing to workshops and giving a series of lectures focusing on modelling the human as a controller, and on the DSC2014 conference paper: Boer E.R., Jamson A.H., Advani S. & Horrobin A.J. (2014). Are We There Yet? An Objective Mechanism to Support the Assessment of Driving Simulator Utility.

Keith Buchan, Policy Director of the Transport Planning Society (TPS), gave a talk outlining what the TPS would like to see included in a transport manifesto for the next Government, to be elected in 2015.

Paul Pfaffenbichler from the Technical University of Vienna presented on E mobility as part of Smart City concepts during his visit in early November.

Jan-Dirk Schmoecker of Kyoto University presented on Estimation of positive demand feedback processes  as part of his visit to the Spatial Modelling & Dynamics Group.

Tom Worsley presented on Transport Appraisal – its evolution, development & current challenges for an analysts seminar at the Department for Transport.

Guest presentations delivered to ITS Masters students included those on New Generation Transport/Leeds Trolleybus (by WYPTE), Rail Passenger Demand Forecasting  (by ATOC), and Influencing Travel Behaviour (by alumna Leanne Farrow of JMP). 


Joanna Elvy has received a Faculty nomination for Postgraduate Researcher of the Year, a competition forming part of the University's annual 'Showcase' event.

Congratulations are extended to the following students on their successful PhD thesis defence: Rawia El Rashidy ('Resilience of road transport networks - redundancy, vulnerability & mobility characteristics'), Qian Fu (Modelling route choice behaviour with incomplete data: an application to the London Underground') and Chao Lu ('A self-learning motorway traffic control system').

Tyron Louw gave an invited presentation on Human factors & vehicle automation - the good, bad & the ugly at the National Road Safety Conference. He also presented on Advances in human factors at an ISO Working Group on vehicle automation.

Lei Qian, Panos Spyridakos and Jessica Taylor-Ashley (soon to be joined by Ehsan Sadraei) have joined the Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSI) and will be visiting the Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Centre for the first of their internships visits. 


The Masters dissertation research, on the potential for e-bikes, by recent graduate Alex Lister is featured on the website of his employer - JMP Consultants. Read article

Research by alumnus Ciaran Meyers for his MSc dissertation in 2009 was re-reported recently via The Guardian's debunking of the top 10 transport myths.

Simon Shepherd and Ronghui Liu are hosting an informal event in December for alumni attending the International Conference of the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS). Read more
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