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4th issue 2014
Strix Inside
At Strix we hope you had a successful year and would like to thank you for your support.
We wish you all the best for 2015.
The Turbo Toaster
– a new generation of toasters

Strix would like to announce the introduction of our Turbo Toaster, the world's fastest toaster capable of producing toast in under 60 seconds.

Strix Turbo Toaster

The Turbo Toaster uses new patented Strix technology, combining convection and radiant heating to speed up the Maillard process and produce toast in under a minute.
"Another patented innovation from Strix which brings breakthrough performance to a category that has seen little genuine innovation over that last 10 years. Speed is valued by today's time pressed consumers and 1 minute toast is now possible using the Strix Turbo Toast technology saving up to 2 minutes per round of toast when compared to other leading toasters".
Mark Finnie, Strix Group Innovation & Development Director  
Already, the Turbo Toaster has won the prestigious Thomas Miller award for Innovation and Independent Thinking.
The appliance is now going into production with launches planned by leading brands in Australasia and Europe in early 2015.
Which? Best Buy Status
for Strix Stealth kettle

"Overall one of the best kettles we've tested in recent years" – high praise by the influential UK consumer information website and magazine "Which?" for the Russell Hobbs Buckingham kettle featuring Strix Stealth technology.

The patented Stealth system consists of a special coating on the kettle's base plate and a unique diffuser ring to break up the bubbles making them smaller and up to 75% quieter. A pleasant kettle that will not disturb the peace at home.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham kettle 20460

We are proud to see it being acknowledged and awarded with the highly sought after "Which? Best Buy" status with the verdict that "it is the quietest kettle they have tested in the past six years. It also boils quickly, can boil small amounts of water, and has a good limescale filter."
The full report and ranking has been published in Which? magazine issue November 2014.
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