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Welcome to 2015!
We hope you all have a prosperous and successful year. We held off with our newsletter as we wanted to bring you information about embedded world (yes it is lower case letters as that is daring in German writing where the use of Capital Letters for all Nouns survives. English usage abandoned it about 200 years ago!).
This means we have a game of two halves. The first is our usual mix of things we find interesting the second is about embedded world.
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Who is keeping tabs on you?
Ben Goldacre, a doctor with a campaigning mind-set, wrote a longish piece When data gets creepy: the secrets we don't realise we're giving away.  See this article in the Guardian.
He says "We all worry about digital spies stealing our data – but now even the things we thought we were happy to share are being used in ways we don't like. Why aren't we making more of a fuss?"
This raises another question, which is in part at the core of some of the GCHQ/NSA surveillance issues, where, effectively, each agency used the other to gather data which they were not allowed to gather. Lets assume I run an a business and gather data in country A, and pipe it to country B for analysis. From this I use a third country, C to mail my customers in A with offers etc. Whose data protection and privacy laws apply, particularly if I do this from country D? 
Image courtesy of MoD  on OGL License
Trusted Cloud?
Leading on from this was the news that the former Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft, one Caspar Bowden, left the company after warning that the NSA could conduct unlimited surveillance on Microsoft Cloud Computing, activities of companies based outside the US. This applies to any US based service: in fact one of his slides at a conference late last year was brutally honest, "If you are not American you cannot trust US Software services."
Here is a direct link to a video of the conference presentation on You tube. It is well worth listening to as many file and picture sharing sites are based in the USA. 
Spaghetti in your car....
The Toyota "unintended acceleration" case in the US brought to public attention the problem of spaghetti code. We rather like this take on it, Spaghetti versus ISO 26262
It may require some change in thinking not just for ISO 26262 but in many other industries as certification and validation to and ISO/IEC standard  becomes more common.  Is validation to a standard on the horizon for your industry?  If so you need to start thinking about it now. Not "later" as "later" is too late.
Free Unit Test?
QA Systems has published a white paper Why Pay For a Unit Test Tool 
The arguments they deploy are not limited to Cantata, or unit test, but apply to any software development tool: simplifying greatly while the tool may be free, what is the price you are paying in project time, compared to using a proprietary product?
This cost becomes significantly higher if you are aiming to meet a safety standard, as a free tool, unlike Cantata, will not be verified against al standards for medical, automotive, railway and nuclear.
Circuit Cellar and Dr Dobbs
The end of last year was memory time. Dr Dobbs (originally launched in 1976 as Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics & Orthodontia: Running Light without Overbyte) has been "sunsetted" by Owners United Business Media.
This means the website will remain alive but after the end of December 2014 no material is added. Though how long it remains a live web site....   Have a look now whilst it is still there.  Click here
Another blast from the past was that Steve Ciarcia has bought back Circuit Cellar which he sold to Elektor a couple of years ago. Steve originally wrote Circuit Cellar as a column in Byte and launched it as a separate title in 1988.  For the web site click here
embedded world & Bratwurst
I have spoken before about why I think embedded word is Important for anyone working in the embedded systems sector. I will be going again this year (along with around thirty thousand others), and will be meeting members of the MISRA C LinkedIn group for Bier Bratwurst and gossip at Nürnberger Bratwursthäusle bei St. Sebald, Rathausplatz 1, 90403 Nürnberg 19:30 on the 24th February. Please pitch up if you are in town you can't miss it... it is here on this google maps link.    They specialise in the famous Nuremberg sausage.
At the event itself there are around 1200 (yes one thousand two hundred) stands over five halls. Many showing new things.  Not to mention the many conference tracks.  
Who will be at ew? 1
 Programming Research and QA Systems will be sharing stand 138 in Hall 4. Programming Research will be running their Developer's challenge with a chance to win a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and their CTO, Bolger, will be presenting on Controlling deviations in a MISRA compliance environment, 14:30 to 15:00 Tuesday 24th February in the conference thread on Software Quality.
Who will be at ew? 2
HCC Embedded is also in Hall 4, not far away on stand 104. Their CEO Dave, Hughes is presenting Verifiable Security and the Internet of Things at 12:00 on Thursday 26th in the 'Internet of Things Security' conference.
Who will be at ew? 3
McObject will be presenting the new version 6.0 of the eXtremeDB embedded database stand 108 in Hall 4.  McOBject design from the ground up database systems for embedded and high reliability systems 
Lauterbach is another Hall 4 exhibitor, on stand 210. There is a chance to see the µ-Trace, which has recently begun to support the NXP LPC54100.
Segger another Hall 4 exhibitor, on stand 238 and will have their very full range on display.
We have several new product announcements and some other interesting things for our next newsletter, in about a month's time, when we get back from Nuremberg. (every thing is under Embargo until ew!)  Hope to see you in the Bratwursthäusle or around the halls..
One last point I have to apologise to various people  whose partners disappeared off over Christmas with the slide rule  simulation we had in a previous newsletter.  On the other hand a couple of people tell me it kept their offspring quiet for a while so it is swings and roundabouts.
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