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Keeping you up to date with Food Regulations
This newsletter highlights two of the concerns that you should be aware of.
  • Charging for inspection visits 
  • Allergen Labelling Regulations.
 Charging for Inspection visits
In the spring of 2014 we highlighted to you that the EU wanted to put in place full cost recovery when inspection visits are carried out by Local Authorities.

At that time Food Solutions was not a member of UEAPME so we were only able to lobby UK MEPs. This proved successful and they agreed with us that these charges would be bad for the UK. But they did not seem to understand the results of the policy.

The European vote 

Despite our efforts a vote in the European Parliament in April voted for charges.

The time- line being;
  • The vote in April
  • Ratification by the Council of Ministers in the autumn of 2014
  • FSA to bring into UK law
  • Implementation – possibly 2015 

This did not go to plan!

In July Italy took over the presidency of EU and promptly threw out the changes in the form in which they were written.

This subject is still being discussed in Brussels with a view of producing a satisfactory outcome. As a member of UEAPME, Food Solutions is working with colleagues from other Member States having direct input to these discussions. One State rep said a charge of around €1000 had been made for a routine inspection. We have said that it is wrong that a business should pay extra for something that they have already paid for in their rates.

In the meantime Food Solutions has been working with the Food Standards Agency to find a solution for the UK. We appear to be making positive progress. For details click here
Allergen Labelling Regulation
In December the labelling of loose food regulations changed.
If you provide meals in a café or restaurant, Sell food that you wrap yourself, such as loose bread rolls, sandwiches, cakes, deli products or other unpackaged food, provide institutional catering such as in schools, hospitals and care homes You will have to supply information for every item that contains any of the 14 allergens as ingredients.

A criminal offence

It has been brought to our notice that some authorities are stating that it could be a
criminal offence for the caterer not to be able to tell the customer the allergen content of a meal.

As such declarations are clearly impractical in some cases, (like language barriers) these authorities are apparently asking for something that cannot be achieved in every case.

We asked the Food Standards Agency for a clarification – their response:

The legislation makes clear that mandatory information should be provided in the language easily understood by the consumers of the Members States where the food is marketed. This means when eating in a restaurant in London the information must be in English, there is no obligation to provide information in any other languages, but businesses can offer this if they wish to do so (as long as it is correct!).  

Not knowing what allergens in the dish and not providing this information in English (or Welsh in Wales) is a breach of the requirements; not knowing allergen information in French, Albanian, German or Hungarian in rural Wales, is not.

This statement fails to say is that it is not a criminal offence.

Clarification needed

We are very concerned that a criminal act could be committed if any food establishment fails to make allergen information available. As a member of UEAPME we are seeking clarification from the EU.

Don't risk prosecution

Complying with the Allergen Labelling Regulations on loose food is very simple. Food Solutions has produced a simple easy to understand download to help you. Click here 
We need your Support 
By working with other Member States we can and do influence the decision makers. That task is made easier by being able to say that we represent the majority of SME and Micro food businesses in the UK.

There is a constant flow of new food regulations and all the old ones are being revised regularly.

We have to be in the right place at the right time and speaking to the right people.

If you do nothing you will get what you deserve.

For individual businesses and trade professionals the cost is just £30 per annum Click here to join

For Trade or Professional Associations email for an application form.
1 March 2015
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Food Solutions
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- To ensure that the regulations are drafted in such a way as to be effective in protecting consumers
-To help food businesses comply with the law in a simple cost effective way.

We are here to help!

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Allergen Labelling

Food Solutions has produces a simple download from our website providing your members with an explanation about the changes with practical help and advice on how to implement the changes. Click here for details.

Getting and keeping level 5 under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Food Solutions has produced a pack that offers practical help and advice.
Click here for details.

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