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The Aims of Food Solution

  • To provide a voice in Europe to ensure that food regulations are practical and address the interests of SME and Micro Food Businesses before they are introduced 
  • To help food businesses comply with the law in a simple cost effective way 
  • To provide practical help to achieve the goal 
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Keeping you up to date with Food Regulations
A voice where it matters
New allergen food labelling regulations came into force in December 2014. According to a recent newspaper article it would appear that many in the catering industry were unaware of these changes ahead of their introduction. 

In fact these changes were passed in December 2011 a full three years before they were implemented. This was to give everyone time to make any necessary arrangements. 

Bob Salmon a director of Food Solutions was actively involved during the crucial consultation process before the Regulation was passed. Unfortunately his was often the only voice representing the views of UK Food SMEs. 

Food Solutions members have been kept fully informed as to the timetable and were supplied with simple tools and advice to help them implement the new regulations eighteen months ago. 

The newspaper article has the following quote from a campaign group "These rules have come straight from the EU with little debate or warning at home. They are unaccountable to diners and businesses across the UK." 

This statement is totally wrong 

This is a good example of why UK Food businesses need a voice in Europe and need to be told about new rules. Food Solutions can provide that voice.
Food Solutions is a member of the UEAPME Food Forum. This means that we have direct access to the decision makers in Europe – this is essential

Before any changes to food regulations are introduced there is a lengthy consultation period. In some cases this may last many years. This is when you voice your concerns – it's called being proactive. It is no good waiting until new regulations are introduced to start complaining - by then it's too late.   

There are further changes to food labelling regulations that will soon be introduced (see below). These new regulations could have a devastating effect on Food Businesses in the UK.  Particularly the current debate on the introduction of charges for routine hygiene inspections.  
A Voice NOW
You need to have influence NOW where it matters, with the decision makers in Brussels. 

The recently introduced changes to allergen labelling is a good example.

These changes were known about 3 years ago. The actual consultation process took place at least a year before that. The timescale in the UK:

  • As far as we can ascertain the FSA issued nothing until July 2014. Five months before coming into effect. 
  • Very few Local Authorities have issued any direct advice or guidance (the FSA says its for the Local Authorities to give information). 

On the other hand: 

  • Food Solutions was actively involved with the consultation process. As part of that process it was agreed that a three year lead in should be included to give food businesses time to adopt. 
  • Food Solutions' members were directly involved with the consultations and were able to voice their concerns. 
  • Food Solutions members were provided with practical advice well ahead of the introduction of the regulations. The actual regulation is not as severe as some people make out. 
The next major changes to food regulations are set out below. It is not too late to influence the final content of these regulations. 

If of course you choose to do nothing another article similar to the one recently published will no doubt appear. 

By joining Food Solutions. We can then take your views and concerns on practicality and costs to the UEAPME Food Forum and lawmakers. Food Solutions is the only UK representative on this Forum.

As a member of Food Solutions you will know about new regulations well ahead of their introduction thus avoiding articles in newspapers.  The question is - can you afford NOT to be a member of Food Solutions?
European Law-making process
Before any new food regulation is introduced there is a long consultation period. This is to make sure that all have an opportunity to have their views heard. 

Many new proposals are put forward by consumer organisations or pressure groups (they are funded by the EU and provided with facilities in Brussels). Some of the ideas put forward are, quite frankly, bonkers! 


As a member of the UEAPME Food Forum, Food Solutions is directly involved with the decision making process. For example during the consultations for the new Food Labelling Regulations (the allergen labelling changes are part of this). UEAPME successfully challenged over 400 amendments. This included one that stated 'Food businesses must ensure that no non-union labour was used in the preparation of any product they sell'. This was kicked out.  
How it works
New or amended food regulation proposals are put forward 
The European Commission considers the proposals 

If agreed they are sent to DG Sanco 

EFSA(European Food Safety Authority) is tasked with defining the risks 

The proposal will be scrutinised by MEPs and the council of ministers, amendments will be proposed At this stage The UEAPME Food Forum can be directly involved, responding to consultation papers, putting forward justified arguments as a result of feedback from members. Food Solutions provides the feedback from UK SMEs. 

European Implementation 
The final draft is agreed and published in the Official Journal 

UK Implementation 
The European Regulation is adopted by the UK and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consults on enforcement and interpretation. 
Food Solutions is also involved at this stage - responding to consultations and putting forward feedback from members. For example we were part of the team that produced guidance on the changes to Allergen Labelling Regulations. Some responsibility is placed on the person with the allergen. 
Changes in the pipeline
New rules on the mandatory nutrition declaration. This shall include the energy value in kilojoules and kilocalories plus the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt in grams. This is from 13 December 2016 and possibly on all meals served.

Full cost recovery for routine food safety inspections. This could be as much as £1000 per visit.

New rules on declaring the country of origin for meats from pigs, sheep, goats and poultry come into force on 1 April 2015. This is in EU 1337/2013. 
16 March 2015
Join Food Solutions 

By becoming a member of Food Solutions your voice will give us added power where it matters – with the decision makers.

There is a small fee for membership of Food solutions.

Sole traders, partnerships and food professionals the cost is just £30 per annum. Click here for more information or to join.

For limited companies the cost is from £150 per annum. Click here for more information or to join.

For Trade or Professional Associations the cost is from £250 per annum. Click here for more information or to join.

We are here to help!

As a member you will be able to raise your concerns where it matters. Please contact Bob Salmon at:

Allergen Labelling 

Food Solutions has produces a simple download from our website providing you with an explanation about the changes with practical help and advice on how to implement the changes. Click here for details.

Getting and keeping level 5 under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme 

Food Solutions has produced a pack that offers practical help and advice.
Click here for details.

Food Labelling 

Label changes are expensive, but wrongly labelled food could be fatal to certain customers, or trigger a withdrawal or recall of the entire batch. Food Solutions has developed a one stop website that brings together all of the current and new labelling legislation together with official guidance.
Click here for details


Food Solutions has produced a series of booklets to aid understanding of food regulations. 

Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations Handbook
Click here for details

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy.
Click here for details

Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations made easy for Food Handlers
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Tell your business colleagues 

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The FSA can only put the regulation into UK law. IT CANNOT CHANGE THE REGULATION ITSELF. This is why involvement at European level is vital. 
If you do nothing you will get what you deserve
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