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April 2015 GAT Bulletin

Dear GAT member 

Following on from the success and positive feedback received in 2013 and 2014, KPMG are embarking on their 2015 Fiduciary industry survey for the Guernsey market – the only annual survey of its kind. GAT has worked closely with KPMG to develop this survey and our aim is to help create some meaningful management information both for the participants but also some high level industry trends. As such the GAT Committee actively encourages all members to participate. Your company should have recently received a letter in the mail regarding this year's fiduciary survey and a sample of 2014's survey for your review. Click here to see a copy of this letter.

Please read this letter carefully as it outlines the information KPMG will need from you in order to participate and provides further details on the survey. If you did not receive the letter, please contact KPMG directly using the details below. As this will be KPMG's third year preparing the report, they are seeking to expand on the trend analyses performed, taking note of feedback obtained from participants of the previous surveys. To ensure the continued success of the survey, KPMG consider it imperative that as many GAT members as possible participate to improve both the relevance and usefulness of the findings.

By participating in the survey, KPMG will provide you with a copy of the published survey report and meet to discuss your company's performance within the market. Since the first survey was published, participants have noted the benefit it has provided them by understanding their position in the market compared to their peers and where they should focus their attention to improve performance. KPMG understands and recognises that confidentiality of your company's data is of paramount importance and only report information on an aggregated basis. Access to underlying data used in the survey is treated as strictly confidential and access to the survey results is limited to those who participate in the survey. KPMG will enter into non-disclosure agreements where required. 

If you wish to participate in the survey, please send the information outlined in Appendix I of the letter to

Please contact KPMG's Gavin Niven or Nick Tidd for a copy of the questionnaire which is has been published in Excel format or +44 (0) 1481 721000. 

Michael Betley 
Guernsey Association of Trustees

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GAT invites you to a FATCA Update - Your Questions Answered

Monday, 27th April 2015, 4pm,
The Colbourne Room, OGH.

  Jo Huxtable & Martin Popplewell of Deloitte
deliver an Update on FATCA 

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In conjunction with the above, also at The Colbourne Room, OGH.

GAT 2015 AGM
Please click here to view and download Notice.
To view draft Accounts please contact us.

NB new Agenda item no. 4, which is proposed in order to assist ease the burden on Committee members by allowing for 2 Deputy Chairs to be elected to sit.

 Summary Agenda*

 1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting 
 2. Chairman's Report
 3. Treasurer's Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2014 
 4. It is proposed to amend the Constitution as allowed by Clause 30, to amend Clause 16a 
 5. Re-election of Committee Members 
 6. Any Other Business. 

*See above Notice for detailed Agenda

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Email us if you have any queries:

This event is free, however you must please register your attendance.
Once you have registered and if you are unable to attend, please let us know.

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