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Just a sort note to remind you that the UK Device Developers' Conferences are on the 12th & 14th of May, and the 2nd and 4th of June, in Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Uphall (Scotland) and we are going to be there busy and giving things away. See the web site for more information
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Coding Challenge
At each of the four Device Developer Conference venues DDC will be awarding a Kindle Paperwhite to the best solution to our "Coding Challenge", a man vs. machine review of 30 lines of code with multiple faults.
The machine measurement is undertaken using QA·C, the static code analyser from PRQA. PRQA has also given us the code for the challenge.  
Evolution vs. Big Bang (download the book)
Some years ago, Felix Redmill anticipated some aspects of Agile programming by developing an evolutionary software project methodology. He successfully implemented this approach and wrote a book Software Projects: Evolutionary vs. Big Bang Delivery, published by Wiley. While highly praise by Martyn Thomas, Rod Chapman, Les Hatton and other leaders in software development, it has long been out of print.
We have re-set it, redrawn the diagrams and made it available as pdf for free download.
Felix has signed some hard copies and we will be giving one away at each day of the Conferences. It is worth coming to the event just for that!
Is it supposed to do that?
Finally I will be giving away wisdom in a presentation: Is it supposed to do that? - Testing and Debugging Embedded Systems.
 Testing embedded systems can be fraught with difficulties. The systems are usually embedded deeply within something else with fixed memory available. The target they run on behaves differently to desktop PCs. They control real hardware, and take inputs from sensors and other machines so they frequently have a real-time element.
Many useful methods, techniques and families of tools that have been developed, but seem to have been forgotten about recently. This presentation will look at and evaluate the available types of tools, techniques and methods, starting from creating the system specification needed to validate the tests, through to final verification, and offer helpful ways of automating many of them.
We think that if you are involved in embedded systems, spending a day at one of the UK Device Developers' Conferences will be a great investment, even if you don't win a prize, or even if you don't attend my presentation. There will be much to see and people to talk to.
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