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The Aims of Food Solution
  • To provide a voice in Europe to ensure that food regulations are practical and address the interests of SME and Micro Food Businesses before they are introduced 
  • To help food businesses comply with the law in a simple cost effective way 
  • To provide practical help to achieve the goal 
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Keeping you up to date with Food Regulations
A dire warning
What impact do any new regulations have on your business? For instance: 
  • How would you feel if a charge of £500 was made every time an official walked in to check your hygiene? 
  • If you run a restaurant or takeaway what would be the effect on your business if every meal you serve would have to include a nutritional statement of kilojoules, fats, salt, etc.? 

This is not cloud cuckoo land – these are actual proposals. 
They are among changes currently going through the 
European Parliament 

If you choose to do nothing they will happen. 
If you choose to support the campaign being launched across Europe they can be prevented. 
Campaign for Impact Assessment
The European Commission is reviewing all the food regulations, starting with EC 178/2002 which is the General Food Law. This is the regulation that sets the scene for all subsequent EU food law. We through the UEAPME Food Forum have recommended that an assessment of the impact of any new regulation and its interpretation on all sizes of food businesses should be mandatory. This would mean that these sorts of proposals would not happen. 

The UK needs to have in place a Campaign Strategy to persuade MEPs and officials to support this addition. The overall UEAPME Campaign will coordinate the input from each Member State for presentation to the Commission. This newsletter sets out the outline of the campaign. 
Campaign outline and aims 
This requirement must be in regulation. It could be either as a new document or as an addition to 178 as Article 8a. The inclusion is essential for the long term viability of the several millions of small and micro food businesses in the EU. It is only logical that the interests of both the consumers and the suppliers should be taken into account. Neither can survive without the other. 


The wording for this additional complementary Article (UEAPME suggest it should be Article 8a) could be: 

In order to achieve the free movement of food and feed due account shall be taken of the impact food law and any interpretations may have on food and feed businesses. It shall aim at the prevention of: 
  1. Demands that may not be practical for all enterprises irrespective of size 
  2. Demands that may favour particular sizes of business 
  3. Any other obligations that may jeopardise the supply of adequate safe feed and food. 

This would complement the existing Article 8 (178/2002) which says: 

Food law shall aim at the protection of the interests of consumers and shall provide a basis for consumers to make informed choices in relation to the foods they consume. 

There have been examples where proposed food regulations take no account of practicalities, particularly where smaller FBOs are concerned. In the past the UEAPME Food Forum has been in a position to successfully challenge unworkable proposals. Without that presence there is a danger that impractical measures could be introduced. This would have a disastrous impact on FBOs and in turn, the consumers.

This is not an acceptable situation. The inclusion of this wording in regulation would: 
  • Reduce the risk of poorly thought through regulations being implemented. 
  • Reduce the risk of officials trying to override EU food regulations. 
  • Reduce the risk of 'gold plating' by local officials. 

Practical examples of the effect that the non-inclusion of the proposed change would have on food businesses. 

Two current issues currently being considered are: 
  • The proposed full recovery of costs of routine hygiene inspections. A figure of £500 per routine hygiene inspection has been suggested. Food Solution research would suggest that over 100,000 food businesses would close if this were implemented. 
  • The requirement to show the nutritional values on loose food. The practicalities of the requirement to show all this have not been thought through. 

Both of these would fit the criteria of this proposal. There will be more in the future. We have the opportunity now to influence the decision makers if we have your support. If you chose not to act: 

You will get what you deserve 
We cannot succeed without the support of UK food businesses
UEAPME represents SMEs from all the member states and Food Solutions is the only UK representative on the UEAPME Food Forum . It puts over the views of food SMEs to the EU officials. UEAPME is the only organisation recognised by the Commission as speaking on behalf of small businesses.  

Through our membership of UEAPME we can make sure that food businesses in the UK are fully represented where it matters. There will be a considerable cost in mounting this campaign. A small contribution from you will help us achieve a successful outcome. 

  • If you are a sole trader or partnership the annual subscription is just £30 
  • If you are a limited company the annual subscriptions is from as little as £150 
  • If you are a trade or professional association the annual subscription is from as little as £250 

Food regulations are constantly changing. It is no good complaining after something has happened that could ruin your business – if it has become law it is too late to change it! 

By working together and being in the right place at the right time talking to the right people we can make a difference. 
15 May 2015
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Food Labelling 

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Food Solutions has produced a series of booklets to aid understanding of food regulations. 

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The FSA can only put the regulation into UK law. IT CANNOT CHANGE THE REGULATIONS THEMSELVES. This is why involvement at European level is vital. 

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