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The Aims of Food Solution
  • To provide a voice in Europe to ensure that food regulations are practical and address the interests of SME and Micro Food Businesses before they are introduced 
  • To help food businesses comply with the law in a simple cost effective way 
  • To provide practical help to achieve the goal 
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Keeping you up to date with Food Regulations
Ignore warnings at your peril
In the previous Newsletters we warned of the dire consequences of ignoring what is being discussed by officials and politicians. The seriousness of that warning has once again been reinforced. 
As members of the UEAPME Food Forum Food Solutions attends high profile meetings in Europe. We also have direct input to the decision makers in the EU so are privy to the thoughts of officials. 

Bob Salmon was among delegates invited to the EXPO conference on 'Nutrition, Health and Food Information - Know what you eat' held in Milan 3 July 2015. Several high profile speakers were in attendance. These people seem to live in another world because some of what they are advocating might be good in theory but are practical non-starters.

Being complacent, I'll worry about it if it happens, is dangerous. Once a proposed regulation has passed through the EU process and becomes law it is very difficult to reverse that law. 

This is why ALL food SMEs from ALL Member States have to work together to put forward well researched justifications to ensure that any new or amended food regulation takes into account the concerns of food SMEs and are also practical. This is why Food Solutions is the only British member of the UEAPME Food Forum that has delegates from all the Member States. 
What is there to worry about?
At the conference key note speakers covered a range of topics. These are some examples of their thinking: 

  • The British traffic light system was good and should be extended. 
  • There should be complete traceability for meat with place of birth, breeding, fattening, slaughter and processing to be declared 
  • There is a need to declare nutritional values on ready to eat foods, so every meal served should show how many kilocalories it contains as well as amounts of other nutrients, such as sodium and potassium.

Members can access the full report on the conference. 

At a pre-conference meeting other issues were discussed. 

Official Controls Regulation - On 3 July the working group of the new Presidency (Luxembourg) met to discuss further measures to do with the Official Controls Regulation (including charging for routine food safety inspections). 

Preparation of a UEAPME position Food information to consumers: on nutrient derogation - according to (EC) 1169/2011 full nutrient labelling will come into force in December 2016. The need to clarify who is exempt. Food Solutions is working with other Member States on this. 

COOL - there is still some doubt about the requirements for origin labelling of all meats. The demand for details of place of birth, country of rearing, places of slaughter and processing could be impractical for small businesses. This issue was also raised at the conference by officials. 

TTIP negotiations - one third of European SMEs are involved in trade with a different European country and of these half are working internationally. TTIP could change some of the existing food law. 

GMO and transgenic food (modified food) - organisms to which foreign inheritable genes have been introduced by genetic methods are called transgenic organisms. 

B2B trading practices and the food supply chain - UEAPME recalls that there is currently no common position paper on the issue. 

Food Loss and Food Waste - there is a Consultation on Circular Economy UEAPME will be presenting a position paper. 
Having a voice where it matters
These are some of the issues that we know about, others will emerge in the future. Some of these issues may affect you some may not. At some point a food regulation WILL affect you. It is no good waiting for that to happen – you have to be ready now. 

Food Solutions is a proactive organisation and is the only British representative on the UEAPME Food Panel from all the Member States that puts over the views of food SMEs to the EU officials. That Panel is the only one recognised by the Commission as speaking on behalf of small businesses. 

This position means that we have high profile meetings with people in real power. This gives UEAPME the opportunity to put forward the concerns of EU food SMEs to influence the final food regulations BEFORE they appear on the statute book.

Meetings that have been arranged for the near future: 

A meeting with Ms Françoise Mori, Attaché Food Security of the Luxembourg Permanent Representation in charge of the negotiations in the Council on the official controls regulation (including charging for routine food safety inspections). 

We have also arranged a personal meeting with Alexandra Nikolakopoulou the head of Unit E4 – Nutrition, food composition and information European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety for later this year.  
Impact assessment
The campaign to include an Impact assessment before new or amendment food regulations or guidance is introduced will be launched in the next few weeks (see previous Newsletter for details).
Join Food Solutions
Our membership is growing but we need to grow even more. 

Through our membership of UEAPME we can make sure that food businesses in the UK are fully represented where it matters. There will be a considerable cost for being in this position. A small contribution from you will help us to continue to achieve success. 
  • If you are a sole trader or partnership the annual subscription is just £30 
  • If you are a limited company the annual subscriptions is from as little as £150 per annum.
  • If you are a trade or professional association the annual subscription is based on your membership numbers. 

Food regulations are constantly changing. It is no good complaining after something has happened that could ruin your business if it has become law it is too late to change it! 

By working together and being in the right place at the right time talking to the right people we can make a difference.  
20 July 2015

We are here to help!

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The FSA can only put the regulation into UK law. IT CANNOT CHANGE THE REGULATIONS THEMSELVES. This is why involvement at European level is vital. 

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