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2nd issue 2015
Strix Inside

Welcome to the second edition of Strix Inside in 2015.

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Electronic Kettles prefer Strix Inside
Only Strix's U67 control allows the electronics to be located in the power base which
  • allows the user interface to be laid out so that it is both ergonomic and also "showcases" the electronic capabilities which supports the premium price point of electronic kettles,
  • segregates the electronics from the harsh, hot and humid environment in the main kettle body,
  • facilitates greater freedom in kettle design,
making Strix's U67 the preferred control of choice in the EK sector with >70% share, chosen by the world leading kettle brands responding to the global increase in tea drinking.

Tea drinking has changed greatly; consumers are much more discerning and are drinking a wide range of different drinks for different occasions.
Fine tea, coffee and other hot drinks taste better made with very hot, but not boiling water. Some green and white teas can create bitter flavours when steeped with boiling water.

An electronic kettle is perfect for all types of hot drinks. Simply select the temperature ideal for the drink you want and the Electronic Kettle heats and automatically turns off at the precise temperature. For even more convenience, activate the keep warm function which will maintain the temperature of the water for up to 20 minutes.

Consumer response:

"Regardless of price, this is a cost saving!"
"What a great product!"
"Excellent form and function"
"Love this product!"
"Looks nice and get the job done on heating water for tea"
"Awesome Product!"
"I love my tea, and this tea pot is the best ever."
"Finally - I've been waiting for this!"
Here are some of the latest electronic kettle designs. For more information and to get your very own customised ID please contact the Strix appliance design service team per email or telephone +44 (0)1244 572 372.
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