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Campaign Launch
The growing demand for nutritional information on non-pre-packed food.
In December 2016 the final part of the labelling regulations as set out in EU 1169/2011 will come into force. This means more detail will be required on pre-packed food labels about nutritional values. 

We are very concerned that academics, consumer pressure groups and officials both in the UK and Europe are demanding that nutritional information should also be shown on ready-to-eat food. If this pressure succeeds and you run a restaurant, takeaway, delicatessen, school canteens or produce food at home for sale to the public you will be forced to display the calories etc. on your products. 

Recently the Local Government Association (LGA) England and Wales is reported to have said: 
Pubs, restaurants and cinema chains should display the calorie content of the food and drink they serve on menus or over counters. They should follow the example of the US, where calorie labels were ordered nationwide last year, to combat the growing obesity epidemic. 

There is a need to declare nutritional values on ready to eat foods, so every meal served should show how many kilojoules and kilocalories it contains as well as amounts of other nutrients, even like sodium and potassium 

The call for the inclusion of this information is not new. 

As long ago as 2005 the House of Commons Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs Committee in their seventh report called for this after a survey.

The list of organisations presenting both verbal and written evidence would suggest that no small food businesses were represented. the only two food ones that the report relied on were the Whitbread pub chain and MacDonald's, hardy a true representation of small food businesses. 

Yet the summary made the following comment: 
Where feasible, the same level of nutrition information should be given on food sold loose and food sold prepacked for direct sale in supermarkets and other food shops. Currently, there are few or no requirements for clear and meaningful labelling of such foods, and the Government seems to be doing little to address this gaping hole in food labelling requirements. 

The proposal - Is for a declaration of energy value in kilojoules and kilocalories plus the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt. This may be supplemented.
Food Solutions members believe this proposal would be impractical for the majority of the thousands of small independent caterers to put in place. With our colleagues in the other Member States we are therefore launching a campaign to stop this. 

As part of this campaign UEAPME has arranged a personal meeting with Alexandra Nikolakopoulou the head of Unit E4 – Nutrition, composition and information European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety. This will take place in the autumn. 

The campaign timeline: 
  1. An on-line questionnaire asking members for their input will be circulated. The questionnaire's aim is to ascertain the likely impact both from a practical and cost point of view. There will also be a comments box. This can have a powerful effect when talking to officials as these are comments from real businesses
  2. The results of this research will be analysed and a report produced.
  3. This report will be presented to officials and MPs in the UK and officials and MEPs in Europe. 
Without your help and support 
we will not be successful. 

Be heard
Ahead of any major change to food regulations there is a consultation period. This gives interested parties the opportunity to voice their opinion. Thereby lies the problem. 
The majority of independent food businesses are busy running their business, having neither the time nor resources to spend influencing decisions on food regulations. The fact that this group is the most likely to be affected by poorly written food regulations and have little or no input to the decision making process is wrong. 

This position is now changing. 

Food Solutions has been appointed as the only British representative on the UEAPME Food Forum from all the Member States that puts over the views of food SMEs to the EU officials. 

By joining together and speaking with one voice we can achieve success. This already happens in Europe. The UEAPME Food Forum is the only one recognised by the Commission as speaking on behalf of small businesses and over the years has been responsible for influencing food regulations. 
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By working together and being in the right place at the right time talking to the right people 
you can make a difference.  
17 August 2015

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