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2nd issue 2013
Strix Inside
Welcome to the second edition of Strix Inside in 2013.
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First KeAi appliances
hit the market

KeAi, the brand new integrated micro cordless control system by Strix has hit the market.
Kinphon KeAi kettle
The first KeAi fitted kettles are rolling out in hotels across China and more KeAi appliances are going to appear in Europe soon.
In total, Strix are working with 15 OEMs on more than 40 KeAi appliance projects. A dedicated KeAi Applications Engineering Team is providing extensive support to each of the OEMs.
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To find out more about the Strix KeAi series visit our homepage or contact your Regional Sales Manager.
Parents wouldn't want to be without
the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep
After only 2 months in the market, consumer feedback for the recently launched Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine featuring Strix technology has been overwhelming.
The joint-development between Strix and Tommee Tippee delivers a whole new category of appliance that addresses previously un-met consumer needs - and parents love it.
Loved by Parents Gold Award
Last week the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine won 2 "Loved By Parents" Gold Awards:
- Best New Product to Market 2013
- Best Innovative Feeding Product 2013
For the full list of winners visit
NEW: Aqua Optima
Filter Replacement Reminder App
Strix and Aqua Optima proudly announce the launch of a brand new, free Mobile App that will make life much easier for consumers.
Aqua Optima Filter Replacement Reminder App
The new Filter Replacement Reminder App reminds consumers when their filters need replacing, offers instructions on how to replace the filters, which type is most suitable for their needs and where they can be purchased, with links to leading water filter retailers.
The App is fast and simple to use on most smart phones or tablets.
Using an "App" instead of battery powered electronic filter life indicators reduces the environmental impact caused by battery disposal and is far more in tune with today's consumers who use Mobile Apps to organise much of their busy lives.
Download links for Apple iOS and Google Android can be found here
Strix Zero Packaging Solution
– because less is more
An innovative, environmentally friendly initiative from Strix: The Zero Packaging solution "Big Tray" is a first in the sector.

Zero Packaging Advantages:
  • Consumer friendly: The product is fully displayed, without cartons.
  • Retailer friendly: No shelf stocking required.
  • Wallet friendly: savings on packaging material and transport cost.
  • Environmentally friendly: reduced packaging and weight increase shipping efficiency.
Aqua Optima Zero Packaging Fridge JugsThe Zero Packaging solution is already selling extremely well at Tesco stores in Europe.
Further roll out of the Strix Zero Packaging solution is planned within the next few months. 
To find out more please email our sales office or contact your Regional Sales Manager.
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