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Summer HolidaysBritish summer
The French have had 14th July (which they don't call Bastille Day), the Americans have had Labor Day and in Britain the schools are closing – so it has to be summer.  We will be around for most of the summer, unlike some of European friends who are simply shutting up shop for a month.

If you are having to work through, we may be able to offer you some special deals. Firstly, if you are a member of SCSC or SARS, we offer significant discounts  (SCSC-Link)   and (SARS-Link)  on some of our products.  Email us at discounts for more information. 
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Specifying MISRA
As well as this newsletter, Chris Hills writes regularly for magazines - you know - those paper things with ink delivered through the post.  Currently he has an article on MISRA C:2012 in the June issue of Electronic Specifier as part of an automotive focus.
 ( p30 if you are not on the circulation list – and you can sign up at
Embedded Curmudgeon.
Chris also writes each month as the Embedded Curmudgeon for Micro Technology Europe (MTE), the UK's leading ink-on-paper publication for embedded technology. It is also available on-line. Sign up HERE  or read his latest grumble HERE    where he advises caution when posting to on-line media, and also tries to explain why is a member of the Vimeo Erotic Performance Art group.
Device Developer Conference
MISRA-C presentationIt was good to see some of you at the Device Developer Conference, both in the exhibition areas and at the seminar on MISRA C:2012. I will be posting my presentation on the web, with full notes, as soon as there is a clear space ahead of me.  If you want to be one of the first to know what I said about the limits of MISRA C3, email me at
Deviation prize
There will be an annual prize on the anniversary of the launch of MISRA-C:2012
for the best example of a deviation to MISRA C:2012 Directive 7.3.1  This Directive is "required" and may be deviated. I want to see what deviations your company implements for this directive.
The entries must be received by end of February (2014)  They must also be in use on a live project.  The winning entry will be published.
email me at
Why project estimates are wrong
There is often very insightful comment on web sites. One in particular that can be relied on to lift you eye-brows and mutter – I wish I had thought of that, is Quora. Recently someone asked "Why are software development task estimates regularly off by a factor of 2/3.  The first reply, from Michael Wolfe is wonderful, and many of the others are useful.
Incidentally  there Michael Wolfe should have used Naismiths Rule of 1892 which would have got him a far more accurate estimate.  As with so many things, software particularly, rather than implement processes properly (which requires discipline) people invent new way to go wrong.
Open Source
Kickstarter is a site for people seeking funding for projects.  I haven't yet seen a perpetual motion machine, but some come pretty close.  Try this news about the Utah Bomb Squad.
The starting premise is that the bomb squad want a quadcopter system that anyone can modify  and works by wifi‚Ķ Whose bright idea was that?  Spot the security loop holes? On the other hand I can see inaccuracies in the video and it is not quite as clever as they are suggesting.

Remember all Open Source is written by the Good Guys.... Isn't it?
New principals
We are bringing on board to new tools to add to our portfolio.  Micrium has a wonderful RTOS and QA Systems' Cantata and AdaTest are unit and dynamic testing tools for C, C++ and Ada.  We will also have a couple of new surprises come September.
Enjoy the summer, and see you again in September.
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