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Well, it's back to school time again. In this newsletter we are, unlike our normal custom, spending time talking about our products and services. That's because we have three new groups of products to offer you.
When we set up Phaedrus SystemsVmodel we saw our job as providing developers of embedded systems, and particularly safety-critical and high-reliability systems, with the tools they need for the complete product life-cycle, from initial specification to support in field-deployment. The new products take us even further along the road to completing this goal.

But the tools themselves are only part of the story, which is why we also offer consultancy in choosing and deploying the tools and creating an integrated process.
PhaedruS SystemS
Ian Broster of Rapita Systems recently said,Ada
 "I would suggest that it's quicker to learn to program in Ada
than it is to learn to debug C." 
On the other hand JSF went for C++ rather than train programmers in Ada. Was this engineering following fashion? Or was it recognition of the fact that programmers are conservative beasts who cling to their knowledge, know that they write good C that doesn't require debugging, and are frightened to learn Ada as they aren't aware of the job openings that are available for them?
Software engineers, as opposed to coders, choose the language that fits the needs of the project.
RTOS Choice
Software engineers also know that one size doesn't fit all when
 choosing an RTOS.  That is why we have added to our existing RTOS portfolio Micrium's ┬ÁC/OS real-time kernel.
This is really a family of modules, with versions certified for DO-178B, for FDA 510(k), for SIL3/SIL4 IEC for transportation and nuclear systems, and one 99% compliant with MISRA-C:1998. Additionally, Micrium has a range of communications stacks, including one for industrial control protocol, Modbus.  Read more at our Micrium pages.
Dynamic test
As we said, we aim to offer the tools for the complete life-cycle of developing and deploying systems, which is why we have added Cantata, from QA Systems. This is a unit testing tool for C/C++ which has been certified as suitable for developing systems for EC 61508:2010, ISO 26262:2011, EN 50128:2011, IEC 60880:2006 and IEC 62304:2006. And they offer, for free, a kit that speeds up your certification. Sorry for the alphabet soup – but read more here.
Nohau emulators, from, have long been seen as the work-
horse for system development, and we are pleased that we now have the exclusive UK rights to sell these very useful tools. With the Seehau GUI, RTOS awareness and OLE automation, Nohau emulators are a cost-efficient and flexible development tool, as you can see here. 
Tools are only part of the story. We work with you to choose
 the right tools for your project, even to the extent of recommending tools that we don't sell, if they are right for you. But that is all part of the service.
We also offer consultancy to help you integrate the tools into a process, and develop the process to conform to the appropriate standards. Email us at
 Not only is the summer over but the Autumn/plum pudding
Christmas programs have started on TV! Apparently it is time to start preparing your Christmas puddings. 
Of course with a bit of planning, processes and the correct tools you might actually have time to enjoy your Christmas rather than being behind schedule though November and December. 
Call Phaedsys now for a stress free Christmas?  
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