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barmouth The autumn is well and truly closing in. Chris Hills the CTO managed a rare week's holiday! On holiday he got this delightful picture of the wind swept Barmouth sea front just before one of the UK's worst storms in recent times swept in!   On the positive side we have a large engineering trade show in Birmingham, a new UK based electronics and embedded Magazine,  support for MISRA-C:2012 and  high reliability C++. Also we announce support for a supported GCC/Eclipse package for those who really must use GCC.
Never mind Christmas! We are already looking to Embedded World in 2014, yes the year is nearly over and the next one is in site!   
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Research endorses Requirements Management
VDC Research is a company active in analysing embedded technology. They recently published a report "Pinching Pennies on Requirements Management is Too Costly" The research it has carried out says that only 28% of embedded projects use a requirements management (RM) tool despite it being clear that, to quote the report, "Poorly designed or executed requirements are a top contributor to project delays and budget overruns."

The benefits of using an RM tool the report identified, apart from improving project management, include meeting the requirements of process standards, such as ISO 26262, improved ability to cope with change requests, and improved collaborative working.
See our Visure RM tool Click here which has been validated against 62508 and 26262 and others. For those who need more convincing see the video on moving from Word/Excel to a proper Requirements management system.
ThunderBench  C/C++ Compiler and IDE
EmprogWe are continuing to extend our tool portfolio, adding products so that we can match your needs as precisely as possible. And if we haven't got the tight tool for you, we will advise you on what is available that can meet your needs.

Out latest signing is from EMPROG, a Silicon Valley-based company, and is ThunderBench, the most comprehensive and best integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any ARM Cortex device.
EMPROG says "Everything you need to complete an embedded C/C++ application such as compiler, assembler, linker, and debugger is packaged and included in one single installation. In addition to the benefit of a high quality tool and exceptional compiler technology, you get community support that no proprietary tools vendor can match."

ThunderBench is backed by ThunderCloud, a large web-based repository of ready-to-use BSPs for a wider range and newer ARM Cortex devices in the market.Click here for more information
New Technical  publication
Vehical ElectronicsThe UK's dedicated embedded system title MTE, folded a few weeks ago, taking with it Automotive Electronics. The editor of both titles, Steve Rogerson, science fiction and beer guru has taken a leap into the dark by setting up a new title, Vehicle Electronics. It is a web site and a monthly electronics publication and you can sign up at
It is worth supporting this magazine as there Is a lack of informed, but independent, information out there. Due to the Editor it will also cover F1 as well.   
Take a look at the magazine web site though do remember it has not been official launched yet.
Hi-Integrity C++ coding standard
PRQA HICPPMISRA-C:2012 was published earlier this year. Now Programming Research has published version 4 of the High Integrity C++ coding standard which is a set of rules and best practices for the production of high quality C++ code. Originally published in 2003, the new version of consolidates or retires a number of original rules, provides extensive examples and adds rules related to C++11 features.

And it is free! If you are working in C++ go straight to for your copy.
PC Lint now supports MISRA C:2012
Gimple-PC-LintPC Lint, one of the oldest established software tools, now supports the latest version of MISRA C. if you already use PC Lint there is a free download. If you don't use any form of static analysis tool have a look at to see what a cost effective tool it is.
We also have the PC-lint to MISRA-C:2012 compliance matrix click here  But don't forget to update your PC-lint V9 to the latest patch click here

 For those of you on versions of PC-lint older than V9 call us for upgrades. click here
Trade shows.
autoelectronicsThe UK technical trade show scene is in a state of flux. Later this month 9 November 12th/13th) is Advanced Engineering UK 2013 a group of five linked events, including automotive and Aerospace events at  the NEC. I may be popping over to look at the automotive electronics are- but exhibitors look a bit thin on the ground.
messeWhat I am doing is booking my annual trip to Embedded World. This is the biggest embedded event in the world and while other events shrink and disappear it just keeps on growing. 25th to 27th February in Nuremberg. Last year there were 900 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors.  It is a pity we don't get people attending shows in these numbers in the UK.
Go Forth through J-Link
MPE ForthThe ARM/Cortex Forth cross compilers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from MicroProcessor Engineering now support direct programming of target Flash through a Segger J-Link unit.

Flash programming can be done automatically when compilation has finished. Apart from Flash programming, you can also set breakpoints and single step, all from the MPE interactive cross compiler console.Segger J-link

For Umbilical Forth users using the J-Link means that the only target resources required are a few bytes of RAM.
JudgeIn the next Newsletter I shall have a few comments on the Toyota court case in the USA and some of the reactions to it. Many are commenting now before the dust has settled and I think without a clear view.  This case will have an impact on how we all produce embedded systems. Mainly for the good I think.  
Hopefully it will give you something to read and think about over Christmas.    Well it is that or watch the Great Escape (again)… 
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